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Smart Immune Mat Combo


The SMART IMMUNE is a Resonator that is connected to either the Smart Beamer Mat or the Smart Waistbag.

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Please note that the SMART IMMUNO resonator can NOT be used with electrodes (such as in the case with the SMART IMMUNO  PLUS and PRO) but only with one of the Beamer devices (Mat or Waistbag). A beamer device is nothing else but an antenna consisting of embedded coils on electronic circuit boards covered with strong fabric to treat humans and animals in a radius of about 30 cm.

The Smart Beamer Mat is the ideal way to treat small children, pets, and grown-ups who do not have time to sit for a while holding hand electrodes.

On the other hand, the Smart Waistbag is for the fast-moving individual who wants treatments while on the go.

The Smart Beamer Mat has all the effective Rife treatments (800+) already loaded on the device to address the most common ailments and health problems. There is no need to add anything as it is already there, but if, however, the need arises to add your own range of frequencies, you can do that by just connecting it with the supplied connecting cord to a computer and using the easy software to edit treatments.

One gets the full kit to use the SMART IMMUNE immediately: Instruction sheet, manual on resonance therapy, charging cable, 5-volt charger (That can be replaced internationally with a local 5-volt charger), cables to connect hand electrodes, and the Beamer device of your choice).

One gets a printed manual and instructions with the instrument ordered. More information can also be downloaded here.