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VetPlus-Pet Rife Resonator + Beamer Mat


The ideal device to treat your pet – and also horses – as it is an effective device due to its size and portability.

The VetPlus is specially designed for our beloved furry children. The VetPlus is a proper Rife Resonator with a built-in booster to run the attached Smart Beamer Mat.

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The Smart Beamer Mat is an electromagnetic mat to create radiant energy. It radiates a healthy energy field in a vortex of about 30 cm around the mat. Ideally suited for animals to lay on or just too close to. It is covered with waterproof vinyl on one side and durable fabric on the other side.

Pets love the Smart Beamer Mat, and one can put in the case of horses the Smart  Beamer Mat between the saddle and the saddle cloth (numnah) with the VetPlus resonator hanging in a saddlebag attached to the saddle.

The VetPlus has a wide variety of treatments for the canine, feline, and equine species, as well as for the feathered kind like budgies, parrots, and even ostriches!

The aim of Resonance therapy is to treat illnesses caused by pathogens and dysfunctional organs in a holistic manner. The essence of Resonance therapy is based on accumulative research on the miraculous healing powers of electromagnetic waves by applying so-called “Rife resonators” such as the VetPLUS Resonator. A VetPLUS Resonator is a wide range frequency generator that has been designed to generate both kinds of these healing frequencies (Pathogen destroying frequencies as well as bio-frequencies). The VetPLUS Resonator is not just a so-called “Rife machine” but a complete electrotherapy device. Not only can it destroy pathogens but it can also generate the bio frequencies that are used for the treatment of strokes, depression, muscle spasms, insomnia, and diabetes and wound healing. Frequencies to destroy a specific pathogen or to treat a specific organ are on your VetPLUS Resonator treatment. The human body has a fantastic immune system in place to ward off ailments and diseases. In the past 100 years because of a tremendous strain on the body’s immune system caused by toxic food, water, polluted air, and worst of all toxic medicine, the body cannot cope to fend for itself. Pharmaceutical companies appeared to come up with solutions, but they have just worsened the situation. Because of oversubscribed anti-biotic medicines by ignorant medical practitioners (Those people we trusted our health with), our bodies have hardly any defense against the new super viruses, bacteria, and parasites.


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