Aggela Foteni

The ideal Rife device for the seasoned resonance therapist with the complete list of all possible resonance therapy treatments. The ultimate electrotherapy instrument: versatile, mobile, and effective.

Two people can be treated simultaneously on the same treatment with the Professional model.

 Powerful output. Function to run the Beamer Healthpad (Included in the kit).

It features functions such as:

– two sets of inlets on the instrument so that more than one person can be treated.
– Dwelling (just like the original resonators of Dr. Rife)
– Option to repeat treatments
– Healthpad booster to run the Beamer Healthpad (The Healthpad is included in this combo)
– AC/DC option so that either parasites or micro-organisms could also be addressed
–  Battery support makes it mobile.
New treatments if ever necessary can be added directly on the instrument or via a Windows PC with the free software.

You get:

∙         The SmartImmune Pro instrument

∙         5-volt charger to use globally

∙         1 x charging cable

∙         2 x Electrode cable sets

∙         2 x sets of surgical stainless steel hand electrodes.

∙         1 x Beamer Healthpad

∙         Watertight case

∙         Model 18650 rechargeable battery

∙         Manual and instructions