Aggela Foteni

Zeolite: The Cleaning Crew Inside!

Today I would like to tell you a few things about zeolite. It is a mineral that can do amazing, almost unbelievable things in and for our bodies. About ten years ago the renowned physician and professor for pathological physiology Dr. Karl Hecht wrote in the German journal Raum&Zeit: “If this crystal lattice rock (zeolite-clinoptilolite, ed.) enters the digestive tract of humans (or animals), it is able to bind pollutants in the body to itself and to release urgently needed minerals in the body. The pollutants are then excreted through the intestines.” This is a brief and concise description of an effect about which one could write entire books, and some authors have indeed done just this. Of course, this column is not a book, so I shall now give you a brief overview of some of the most important effects of zeolite: Zeolites can fight Candida albicans. This yeast fungus is a widespread, albeit little known and grossly underestimated danger to our body; it can be transmitted through animal foodstuff, pets and smear infections. It is not choosy when picking its place of residence: it feels comfortable, grows and thrives on our skin, our mucous membranes, our reproductive organs and also in our intestines. Candida is present in almost every human intestine and should normally be kept in check by a healthy immune system. But trouble starts if the immune system not in completely good shape, or if the candida fungus “hides” from the immune system through certain mechanisms. In these cases, candidiasis may occur, causing a wide variety of infections, such as painful vaginal mycosis in women or, transmitted via the blood vessels, cystitis, pneumonia, infection of the cardiac wall (so-called endocarditis) and painful infections in the gastrointestinal tract. Zeolite has a lot of firepower against the candida fungus, so to speak: it stimulates the immune system, regulates the intestinal flora and absorbs pathogenic germs and other pathogens, carrying them out of the system. Zeolite also prevents flu and common cold in a similar way. It is well known that flu viruses are insidious little beasts that can easily escape our immune system by camouflaging and deceiving it. Time-tested strong antibiotics, which are so dear to doctors practicing orthodox  medicine and to health insurance providers, are no help here: they only work against bacteria, not against viruses. So our only friend against these pesky viruses is our own immune system. It, too, has a friend, and as you might have guessed it already, this is zeolite, helping, as already described, to strengthen and maintain our complex immune system. Diseases affecting our gastrointestinal system are almost as widespread as colds and flu infections. No surprise here: the nutrition of the “modern” human does not help much to keep our intestines in good shape. If you watch television at night and don’t use the commercial breaks to get some liquids from your fridge (or lose them at the bathroom), you may notice that most TV commercials urge you to purchase (apart from tampons and detergents) foods that contain large amounts of fat and/or sugar. Small wonder, then,  that an enormous number of people today suffer from many different medical conditions in this area, from flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, sour burps and many others. Those things do not develop overnight, they build up over a long period of time, and usually more than one organ is involved: the oesophagus, the stomach, the large and small intestine, the gall bladder, the liver, and, if you are particularly unlucky, your pancreas. Zeolite can do a lot of good in the food-processing area of our inner life,. It can bind, secure and remove all kinds of toxins, rendering them harmless. The load on our immune system, our “inner physician”, as I like to call it, is lightened and it can go about its business of restoring order in the organism. Isn’t it amazing how a simple, harmless and freely available substance can do so much good for us? But on second thought, this applies to many things that can better our health: fresh air, exercise, pure water and, last but not least, a positive attitude towards ourselves and towards our life!